Barbados Virtual Vacation

I hope you enjoyed this 'virtual vacation' in Barbados. Please let me know what else you think I should add.

Who is this Barbados virtual escape for?

Barbados is so blessed to have many repeat visitors who are more than just visitors - they are practically Bajans themselves and they are ambassadors for the island. Through word of mouth - both online and in person - they spread the message that Barbados is a remarkable place to visit and an island worth re-visiting time and time again.

These are the people who start booking their next trip before they even leave Barbados! These are the ones who sometimes cry on the way back to Grantley Adams Airport. It is these special persons who are on a first name basis with the hotel front desk staff, the gardeners and bartenders, the guy who sells fruit down the road.

If this is you, hopefully this site with provide you with a "Barbados fix" until your next visit. Thank you for your love of Barbados.

Bajans At Home
As Bajans we don't always appreciate how fortunate we are to be surrounded by the beauty of our island.
When is the last time you had a sea bath, listened to the delightful sound of the casuarina trees blowing in the wind, or stopped to view colorful bougainvillea, hibiscus, or frangipani flowers?

Too often we get caught up in what's 'wrong' - the traffic, criminal acts, and general daily stresses of life. These things will always be present, but they will always be outweighed by a friendly 'Good morning', blue skies, a refreshing snocone (with or without condensed milk!), and so many other Bajan gems!

Our many committments, lack of transportation, or health problems sometimes restrict us from fully exploring our 166 sq. miles. I hope that through this website you can virtually experience aspects of the island that you would otherwise be missing.

Bajans Abroad
For Bajans living and studying overseas missing home is a serious thing. Thankfully technology keeps us in touch with family and friends through social media and video calls.

And increasingly amazing technology allows us to share real-time webcam views of Barbados to help with that homesick feeling. These virtual tours and videos of familiar places should revive your memories of happy times and bring you some joy.


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