5 Ways To Visit Barbados Without Getting On A Plane

If the global pandemic caused you to cancel or postpone your trip to Barbados, you may be suffering from vacation deprivation. Luckily, I’ve found some exciting ways for you to virtually travel to the island without setting foot on a plane or boat (no swimming needed either!).

I’m not gonna lie… it’s no substitute for the real thing but until you can visit our shores again it’s an uplifting reminder of what awaits.

For your ultimate island escape, all you really need is an internet connection, but we highly recommend a rum punch just to, you know, properly achieve that tropical island vibe :) Oh maybe crank up the temperature a bit as well.

1. Live Webcams

Probably the best way to experience Barbados without actually being here is via the live webcams managed by the talented team at IWCP.

Watch the turquoise water lapping gently on the shore at Paynes Bay as the fishermen head out to sea, soak up the rugged beauty of Bathsheba seaside village, spot some surfers at Freights Bay, or "stop by" Oistins and imagine savouring some fresh fish and macaroni pie at the Fish Fry.

View Barbados Webcams

2. Virtual Tours

Imagine being immersed in tropical colour at Flower Forest botanical gardens or admiring ocean views on the boardwalk. Perhaps you'd like to see Bridgetown at sunset or step back in time at George Washington House. Thanks to our amazing local photographers you can do just that with immersive virtual tours of Barbados' attractions and scenic lookout points.

You're in control as you spin around this virtual world (no special equipment needed).

View Virtual Tours
Virtual Tours

3. Drones

For a unique view of the island, you can't beat these drone videos.

Enjoy aerial explorations of Carlisle Bay (with its magnificent shipwrecks), historic St. Nicholas Abbey plantation, the rugged coastline at Bath beach, and the tranquil Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, among many others.

It's an unforgettable journey that highlights features of these fascinating places which might otherwise go unnoticed.

Let's Go Flying

4. Backgrounds/Wallpapers

Using images of Barbados as the background/wallpaper on your tablet, phone or computer is a wonderful way to recall memorable times you've spent on the island or inspire you to plan a visit.

When that maddening to-do list is looking daunting, switch back to your home screen/wallpaper, take a couple of deep breaths, and remember that this friendly destination awaits.

Download some of my favourite Barbados scenes, or use one of your own photos from a previous visit.

Get Barbados Photos

5. Music

How about some island music to get you in the Caribbean spirit?

The talented musicians of Barbados definitely know how to keep things lively with the melodic sounds of the steel pan, infectious rhythms of soca and calypso, and groovy reggae tunes.

Play Music


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