Barbados Emerges From Lockdown

Barbados is emerging from the strict coronavirus lockdown starting on May 4th.

The island will move to Phase 2 of its 4 phase Exit Strategy with the following changes:

  • The curfew period changes from 6pm - 6am to 8pm - 5am.

  • Additional sectors will be open for business including construction, landscaping, finance and insurance, tradesmen, electronic stores, marine products, education suppliers and several others. See the Barbados Government Information Service website for a complete list of affected sectors.

  • Beaches will be re-opened between 6am and 9am ONLY. Persons may not congregate on the beaches and should observe social distancing guidelines.

  • The ban on the sale of alcohol is lifted. However there must be no consumption in public.

Phase 2 runs until May 17th.

Phase 3
Phase 3 will begin after a review of Phase 2. In Phase 3 additional non-essential businesses will be considered for re-opening.

Phase 4
Phase 4 of the Exit Strategy “will be when the country can return to as close to normal, after an effective treatment or vaccine”.


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